Practice Areas

  • - Federal Criminal Appeals in All 50 States
  • - State of Florida Criminal Appeals
  • - State & Federal Post-Conviction Matters
  • - Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions Under Section 2254
  • - Federal Motions to Vacate Under Section 2255
  • - Clemency, Pardons & Commutations of Sentences

Marcia Silvers’ experience covers a wide spectrum of criminal cases.  Here you’ll find a baker’s dozen of her courtroom victories:
  • Florida v. Serrano - Florida Supreme Court vacates death sentence as unconstitutional.
  • USA v. Takhalov - Federal appeals court reverses nightclub owner’s convictions in high-profile Miami Beach “Bar girls” fraud case.
  • USA v. Slater - Miami federal court vacates conviction and 45-year sentence in narcotics and weapons case, resulting in client’s release.
  • USA v. Martorano - Philadelphia federal court reduces sentence of life without parole, resulting in client’s release after 32 years in prison.
  • Florida v. Wyatt - Florida’s Fourth DCA reverses drug trafficking and perjury convictions as well as 30-year sentence. New trial ordered.
  • Florida v. Vilca - Florida’s Second DCA reverses conviction on 454 counts and sentence of life imprisonment in child pornography case. New trial ordered.
  • State of Florida v. Vera - Vacating murder conviction due to ineffective assistance of counsel.
  • United States v. Gonzalez - Reversing conviction and life sentence for conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine.
  • United States v. Goodhart - Reducing convicted judge’s sentence for RICO conspiracy.
  • United States v. Hilton - Reversing conviction for conspiring to import cocaine.
  • State of Florida v. Bass - Reversing DUI manslaughter conviction.
  • United States v. Marrero - Client’s confession suppressed and motion for judgment of acquittal granted in federal tax and money laundering case.
  • United States v. Gonzalez - Vacating and reducing sentence for fraud.
  • United States v. Cunningham - Vacating cocaine conspiracy conviction.
  • State of Florida v. Johanson - Vacating aggravated battery conviction due to ineffective assistance of counsel.
  • United States v. Wheeler - Dismissing federal false statement charges due to ineffective assistance of counsel.
  • United States v. Rueda - Vacating district court's order denying motion to reduce defendants' sentences in drug conspiracy case.
  • United States v. Tobin - Reversing district court's order denying motion to suppress seized cocaine and currency.
  • State of Florida v. Sambito - Vacating burglary conviction due to ineffective assistance of counsel.
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