Practice Areas

  • - Federal Criminal Appeals in All 50 States
  • - State of Florida Criminal Appeals
  • - State & Federal Post-Conviction Matters
  • - Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions Under Section 2254
  • - Federal Motions to Vacate Under Section 2255
  • - Clemency, Pardons & Commutations of Sentences

Marcia Silvers has had great success in representing clients in state and federal criminal appeals.  Potential errors for appeal can arise at any time during the proceedings.  The following stages of the trial or the pretrial phase of the case may be particularly fertile breeding grounds for reversible error:
  • Orders on pretrial motions to suppress evidence
  • A prosecutor’s jury challenges based on race or other forbidden characteristics
  • The failure to grant a defense challenge to a juror for good cause
  • Improper introductory remarks by the Judge
  • Misconduct of the prosecutor during opening statement
  • Evidentiary rulings admitting or excluding evidence
  • Rulings regarding expert witness testimony
  • Jury instructions
  • Orders denying motions for judgment of acquittal
  • Improper comments by the prosecutor during closing argument
  • Orders pertaining to sentencing issues
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