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1. WHAT IS AN APPEAL? An appeal is not a new trial. In an appeal, you do not have a chance to show a new judge or a new jury different evidence. An appeal is about whether the judge at … Continue reading

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Commutation of Sentence: The Window Opens!

My phone is ringing off the hook, as families of federal inmates rush to take advantage of what will be a brief opening of the window to reduce sentences of non-violent offenders. That’s right. There’s a new “Get Out of … Continue reading

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Preserve the Record on Appeal

By Marcia Silvers In my last post, I told of the sorrowful bane of appellate lawyers everywhere. It’s the case where there is clear error below, but trial counsel has inadvertently waived that error due to the failure to preserve … Continue reading

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Give Your Appellate Lawyer a Helping Hand

By Marcia Silvers I’m an appellate lawyer who recently argued a case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. The record seems clear that the trial judge made several errors that warrant reversal of a criminal conviction. … Continue reading

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Appellate Lawyers: How To Choose the Best for Your Case

By Marcia Silvers Based on my practice in the appeal courts for 33 years, I’ve come up with some advice for avoiding the pitfalls and traps that befall appellate lawyers. If you need an attorney for a criminal appeal or other post-conviction … Continue reading

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